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Since I started this journal (which is mostly about manga and anime), I have written a number of articles and stories.

Here is an index for your convenience. )
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I recently imported my LiveJournal into Dreamwidth.

Then I found out that in order to keep the two journals synched, I have to change a Dreamwidth setting, entry my new posts in Dreamwidth and they will get filtered to LiveJournal. For various reasons, I don't want to do that.

So this journal is currently a partial dump of my LJ. If you want the updated version, go here.

Meanwhile, I have decided that my other Dreamwidth account will be a repository for my fanfiction, whenever I get around to setting that up.
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I’ve only watched a handful of anime, so trying to pick a favorite seiyuu (voice actor) is kind of like choosing a favorite singer when you’ve only ever heard five songs. What it comes down to is: whose performance actually made me sit up in my chair take notice?


Nana Mizuki caught my ear when she was the voice of Alois Trancy in Kuroshitsuji II. To be honest, this is the only performance of hers I’ve heard. I enjoyed her acting because she really knows how to expressing suffering and crying. And if you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for tears and crying.


Here’s a good episode to check out her emotiveness:


Just to be clear it is the blond boy with blue eyes she is voicing.

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I love most anime characters, but occasionally, one comes along who I dread to see each time they appear. Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji is such a character for me. He’s a pathetic, spoiled brat, who eventually realizes this about himself, and you start to sympathize with him. But in the manga, he just never freakin’ seems to go away and I say ‘oh no’ every time he’s back. Sorry, Prince Soma, you are pretty to look at but please shut your mouth.

Pic of Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji anime

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Pic of Xerxes BreakTo the degree that it is possible to have a crush on an imaginary character who is drawn, I would nominate Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts as my crush. He’s a trickster figure, wizard, clown, court jester and parasol & cane-wielding girly man all rolled into one. He’s sadomasochistic, cunning, goofy, and wears some seriously stylin’ threads.  You would never guess that his fey exterior would hide such strength and power, or that his obfuscating stupidity would hide a nearly psychic level of intelligence, and that tension puts him high on the scale of smexy.


Surely you want to know more and see the pictures, ah? )
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Pandora Hearts is undoubtedly my favorite right now. The reread value on this story is so high…it seriously gets better each time you read it. It’s the only one I’ve bothered to buy the Japanese volumes of (so I can see the pictures clearly, even though I can read very little Japanese). It’s the one I write Fanfiction for, and the one I wish someone around me actually had read so that I would have someone to talk about it with. (Hello? Husband?)


Ah well, I’m slowly finding an online community of Pandora Hearts-obsessed virtual friends…thank you all for being here and helping me keep my sanity. There will be much more raving here about Pandora Hearts and its characters in the months to come, I’m sure.


Click the Pandora Hearts tag and scroll down to see what I’ve already blathered about so far.

Pic of some of the main characters of Pandora Hearts

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Pic from What's Michael...cat horrified on shampoo bottle
Years ago, I stumbled upon What's Michael, and bought every volume. Though it is a far cry from the bishounen goodness I am immersing myself in these days, it still holds a special place in my heart as my very first manga. Click the What's Michael tag below and you can read more about it.

In this pic, you can see a good example of the wonderful facial expressions this mangaka is capable of drawing, as this cat sweats in horror of seeing a cat shampoo bottle.
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Well I learned something today. Two things actually.

1) If you're posting in a comment thread where the vast majority of people are posting Anonymously, it's better to also post Anonymously yourself, even if you don't care if anyone knows who you are. That's so other people can enjoy the cover of being Anon more thoroughly.

2) I don't know about your LJ account, but on mine, I CAN'T post anonymously when I reply directly to a comment thread, but can do so if I access the Reply option via my Inbox. I just figured that out TODAY. So now I can start replying to threads Anonymously, when it's appropriate.

The reason I'm putting this out there is:
a) to make it clear to those who might have wondered why I was not posting anonymously before
b) to let anyone who wants to post anonymously but can't...ping me and I might be able to help.
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Pic of Sebastian MichaelisThis is a tough question, because I have really enjoyed all the anime I’ve watched so far, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. In the end I had to go with Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Even though it deviates from the manga, it does so in an entertaining way, and becomes its own crazy story with a fairly satisfying ending. 

It’s the show I would recommend to a person just starting out with anime, and best of all, it made me laugh…loudly and often…which is not easy to do as I’m one of those Spock-types.

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Serial Experiments Lain is the first anime I ever watched. It is dark, dreary, challenging and a total mindfuck. Nearly everyone I’ve ever convinced to watch it with me has hated it. The only thing I can even begin to compare it to is the Matrix, but even that is insufficient as a description. All I can suggest is you read the wiki page for help in understanding what it is about.

Pic from Serial Experiments Lain


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There’s this 30-day Otaku Challenge that’s been making the rounds on Tumblr, and I decided to tweak some of the questions a bit (because, sorry, I don’t have a favorite “mech” series or a favorite Pokémon) and then post my answers here -- one each day if all goes well. It’s just another fun writing exercise for me, and hopefully not too torturous for my LJ friends.
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 When I try to upload a new icon from my hard drive I get:

"We're sorry, but there was an error in the information you submitted. Please go back and try again.

You cannot upload large images from URLs. 42817 > 40960"

The thing is, the icons are not large (150x150pixels, less than 130kb each) and I was able to do this when I had a free account. Now that I have a paid account it is suddenly not working.

Also it is aggravating that the message says I'm uploading from an URL when I am not.

I've contacted LJ support, we'll see what they say.

EDIT: Problem solved thanks to [livejournal.com profile] calliope_love ...apparently my images need to be 100px not 150px.
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One of the challenges of writing characters who have names that are not commonly found in your culture is that you don’t usually have a clear idea what those names connote for people. For example, in the United States, certain names bring certain stereotypical images to mind, and when a mangaka uses one of those names for a character and it does not fit, the result can be rather disconcerting.

Be amused by the pictures )


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This is silly but it's bugging me. I've started memorizing katakana and hiragana so that I can read at least a little of Pandora Hearts in the native Japanese. My katakana book - Japanese Katakana for Beginners -- has a list of most common English names, and one of them is Liam, spelled like this: リアム. If you read Pandora Hearts, you know there's a character named Liam there -- or he might be named Reim, depending on who you talk to.

Let's look at the katakana, followed by the syllables that make up each kana, followed by the name it apparently translates into:

レイム = Re-i-mu = Reim
リアム = Ri-a-mu = Liam

Now when I write about this guy, should I use Liam or Reim? I have been using Liam, since it seems a reasonable name for someone in pseudo-Victorian era pseudo-Europe to have. Most of the other characters have European sounding names, like Vincent, Gilbert, Alice and so forth.

But the name used in the actual Japanese manga text is レイム, which is Reim.

Since (to my recollection at least) Liam/Reim has not appeared in an officially translated manga or anime yet, it will be interesting to see how his name is translated/subtitled in upcoming books/DVDs. (BTW the official subtitled DVD is being released by NIS America at the end of October).

I'll keep using 'Liam' for now, but I do think 'Reim' is far cooler.
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Well, I've been a little distracted lately, since I just discovered the Pandora Hearts Kink Meme. As a writer, it is sometimes hard to wait for inspiration to strike. But with this Meme devoted to requests for PH fanfic, I have a treasure trove of ideas to choose from. In fact I've already written several new stories, some of which I posted today.
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Please sign the petition 07 Ghost 2nd season by clicking HERE - Start a Petition or online petition
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15-year old Oz Vessalius is apparently the “key” to obtaining the Will of Abyss and has already contracted with one of the most powerful and feared chains of the Abyss, the dreaded B-Rabbit. If you haven’t read or seen Pandora Hearts, you have no idea what I just said.

 Pic of Oz Vessalius by Jun Mochizuki

So let me tell you some things even a non-otaku could understand: )


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15-year old Allen Walker of D. Gray-man charmed me into downloading 103 episodes of anime, most of which I have not watched. I’m currently on book 8 of the series, and am enjoying it for the most part. But I have to say at least a third of my enjoyment is simply due to the presence of this sweet little cursed exorcist with a deformed arm and an eye that can detect the presence of demons.


Read more and see the pics... )


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14-year old Miharu Rokujou’s body contains the text of the Shinra Bansho…the most powerful of the ninja forbidden arts. Miharu is trying to fight his destiny with apathy, but that tactic is doomed to failure. He’s got to start caring at some point…and what he eventually learns to care about and why forms the emotional heart of the story of Nabari No Ou.

 Pic of Miharu Rokujou


Read more and see the pics... )


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Few kids have a sadder past than (roughly 14 year old) Teito Klein from 07-Ghost. [spoilers ahoy] His Dad was killed, he was sent into slavery and then the army. His worst enemy killed his best friend. He’s ill prepared to take on the task he was born to do in the world. Teito has a ton of growing up to do, and he’s going to do it under the care of a buff, porn-loving Bishop who is slowly being overtaken by evil.


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