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Pic of Xerxes BreakTo the degree that it is possible to have a crush on an imaginary character who is drawn, I would nominate Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts as my crush. He’s a trickster figure, wizard, clown, court jester and parasol & cane-wielding girly man all rolled into one. He’s sadomasochistic, cunning, goofy, and wears some seriously stylin’ threads.  You would never guess that his fey exterior would hide such strength and power, or that his obfuscating stupidity would hide a nearly psychic level of intelligence, and that tension puts him high on the scale of smexy.


Xerxes Break knows how to work a façade: he acts like a nutjob so people will dismiss him, and then he’ll kick someone’s ass when they are least expecting it. He tells people he has only his own selfish interests at heart, while his actions show otherwise. And like any good mystery man, he has a troubled past which he refuses to share until it is basically forced out of him. How hot is that?

I’ve written about Break before but just had to give you a few more paragraphs here. He’s that worth it.

P.S. Some of the images here are fan art and I’ve lost track of the artist’s name…if you are the artist (or know who the artist is) please let me know!

Pic of Xerxes BreakPic of Xerxes BreakPic of Xerxes BreakPic of Xerxes Break


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