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 When I try to upload a new icon from my hard drive I get:

"We're sorry, but there was an error in the information you submitted. Please go back and try again.

You cannot upload large images from URLs. 42817 > 40960"

The thing is, the icons are not large (150x150pixels, less than 130kb each) and I was able to do this when I had a free account. Now that I have a paid account it is suddenly not working.

Also it is aggravating that the message says I'm uploading from an URL when I am not.

I've contacted LJ support, we'll see what they say.

EDIT: Problem solved thanks to [livejournal.com profile] calliope_love ...apparently my images need to be 100px not 150px.
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One of the challenges of writing characters who have names that are not commonly found in your culture is that you don’t usually have a clear idea what those names connote for people. For example, in the United States, certain names bring certain stereotypical images to mind, and when a mangaka uses one of those names for a character and it does not fit, the result can be rather disconcerting.

Be amused by the pictures )


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 ...that there seem to be few manga showing Japanese-looking people? Take Nabari No Ou as an example. This story is supposed to take place in modern Japan. Most of characters even have Japanese names. But many of them have blond(e) hair and non-Asian features. 

I suppose the logical explanation is that in a black and white story, it would be really hard to tell the characters apart if they all had the classic Asian features, with dark hair and eyes. This also explains why it is common in manga for characters to have facial scars, special makeup, an eye patch, or some wacky hair color or 'do.

I certainly hope it is simply this, and not some sort of racism against one's own race that leads Japanese mangaka to largely avoid showing Japanese faces in their manga. I know that sort of racism from my own experience. As a teen I caught myself considering buying some sort of color-correcting foundation, which would supposedly make my olive skin look less green and more...neutral...like some sort of northern european ideal that so many people feel compelled to strive for.

Dear God, let us all love ourselves as we are.
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I only speak one language: English

I'm 42 years old. It is unlikely that I'd ever get good at a second language at this stage in my life, unless I lived in a country where I was forced to speak that second language all the time.

That said, all the manga I am following is in Japanese and all of the stories are ongoing. Each month, a new chapter comes out in Japan. I rely on providers of scans and translations to keep up with the story.

Mind you, I have bought all available volumes in English...but there aren't many.
  • Nabari No Ou has 4 volumes out in English; compare that with 13 volumes in Japanese
  • Pandora Hearts and Black Butler have 2 volumes out in English, and at least 10 volumes out in Japanese
  • 07 Ghost has 3 volumes out in English, and their publisher went belly-up, so there is no hope of more English volumes any times soon

I understand that three of the four manga I am following are licensed, and therefore the publishers of the English language versions of these manga do not want scanlations to be shared around the web. But when the English language story is years behind the Japanese story, and a new volume in English only comes out once every 3-5 months, can they really blame us for wanting to see the scanlations? How else can we keep up with the story and share our thoughts on forums and whatnot? If we are not up to date, the forums are full of spoilers.

I have spent considerable time tracking down raws, translations and scanlations, and figuring out which Twitter, LJ and other forum sites I need to watch for news.

Last night my husband came in and saw me with a printed translation in my hand while perusing a Japanese raw scan on my laptop screen. 

"You're obsessed," he said.

You bet I am.


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