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Pic of Xerxes BreakTo the degree that it is possible to have a crush on an imaginary character who is drawn, I would nominate Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts as my crush. He’s a trickster figure, wizard, clown, court jester and parasol & cane-wielding girly man all rolled into one. He’s sadomasochistic, cunning, goofy, and wears some seriously stylin’ threads.  You would never guess that his fey exterior would hide such strength and power, or that his obfuscating stupidity would hide a nearly psychic level of intelligence, and that tension puts him high on the scale of smexy.


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Pandora Hearts is undoubtedly my favorite right now. The reread value on this story is so high…it seriously gets better each time you read it. It’s the only one I’ve bothered to buy the Japanese volumes of (so I can see the pictures clearly, even though I can read very little Japanese). It’s the one I write Fanfiction for, and the one I wish someone around me actually had read so that I would have someone to talk about it with. (Hello? Husband?)


Ah well, I’m slowly finding an online community of Pandora Hearts-obsessed virtual friends…thank you all for being here and helping me keep my sanity. There will be much more raving here about Pandora Hearts and its characters in the months to come, I’m sure.


Click the Pandora Hearts tag and scroll down to see what I’ve already blathered about so far.

Pic of some of the main characters of Pandora Hearts

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This is silly but it's bugging me. I've started memorizing katakana and hiragana so that I can read at least a little of Pandora Hearts in the native Japanese. My katakana book - Japanese Katakana for Beginners -- has a list of most common English names, and one of them is Liam, spelled like this: リアム. If you read Pandora Hearts, you know there's a character named Liam there -- or he might be named Reim, depending on who you talk to.

Let's look at the katakana, followed by the syllables that make up each kana, followed by the name it apparently translates into:

レイム = Re-i-mu = Reim
リアム = Ri-a-mu = Liam

Now when I write about this guy, should I use Liam or Reim? I have been using Liam, since it seems a reasonable name for someone in pseudo-Victorian era pseudo-Europe to have. Most of the other characters have European sounding names, like Vincent, Gilbert, Alice and so forth.

But the name used in the actual Japanese manga text is レイム, which is Reim.

Since (to my recollection at least) Liam/Reim has not appeared in an officially translated manga or anime yet, it will be interesting to see how his name is translated/subtitled in upcoming books/DVDs. (BTW the official subtitled DVD is being released by NIS America at the end of October).

I'll keep using 'Liam' for now, but I do think 'Reim' is far cooler.
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Well, I've been a little distracted lately, since I just discovered the Pandora Hearts Kink Meme. As a writer, it is sometimes hard to wait for inspiration to strike. But with this Meme devoted to requests for PH fanfic, I have a treasure trove of ideas to choose from. In fact I've already written several new stories, some of which I posted today.
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15-year old Oz Vessalius is apparently the “key” to obtaining the Will of Abyss and has already contracted with one of the most powerful and feared chains of the Abyss, the dreaded B-Rabbit. If you haven’t read or seen Pandora Hearts, you have no idea what I just said.

 Pic of Oz Vessalius by Jun Mochizuki

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Echo from Pandora Hearts...I think this is fan art...anyone know?Poor Echo. Servant to that cruel (yet sexy)bastard Vincent Nightray. She carries out her orders without complaint, but is still capable of thinking for herself and acting on her own impulses.

What else?

-Quick with the knife hidden up her sleeve. Invokes emotion in readers despite being emotionless herself.
-Harboring a split personality, she also has a different form that I will not name, for fear of spoiling it for you.


I think (and hope) Echo has a vital role to play in Pandora Hearts as the story plays out. A dual-natured character like hers could provide some crucial plot twists, and indeed, already has.

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Alice from Pandora Hearts…what the heck is she really? She says she’s a “chain” born in the Abyss. She spends part of her time as a giant black rabbit that kills with a big scythe. (Spoiler alert: Supposedly she was human “before she died,” (WTF?) and there was also a girl named Alice (the same girl?) who was trapped in a tower for all or most of her life. She supposedly has a twin…but is it really a twin or does she just have a split personality?)


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Gilbert Nightray of Pandora Hearts is everything you expect from stereotypical Sexy, except for his true personality, which belies the façade he projects. “Useless” and unable to act on his desires in the vast majority of situations, he does manage to come through when it really matters.

 Pic of Gilbery Nightray

In this picture from Jun Mochizuki’s art book Pandora Hearts: Odds and Ends, we see Gil lying down with his shirt open, hand in his hair (another headache, Gil?) and a feminine gloved hand on his tie. We have to wonder who that hand belongs to, because it seems to me that Gil only has eyes for Oz (am I the only one who wonders why his wallet chain is on the left side and not the right? Don't know what I'm talking about? Cue hanky code). Meanwhile, the symbol of Raven is scattered about the floor as black feathers.


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When I first started crushing on Xerxes Break of Pandora Hearts, I thought I was out of my head.  Who in their right mind would find this wrist-flapping, lollipop-sucking, doll-on-his-shoulder goofball attractive? A lot of people, apparently. He’s got fangirl groups all over the place, and tons of people writing fanfic about him.

Picture of Xerxes Break on Skulls

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Vincent with Hand outI don’t normally go for those villain types, but Vincent Nightray of Pandora Hearts has it goin’ on.


Let’s look at this picture, from Jun Mochizuki’s art book Pandora Hearts: Odds and Ends. Compare how Vincent is holding his hand out, with how Jack Vessalius (featured here recently) holds his hand out. Jack is saying “come hither” while Vincent is saying “I put a spell on you, sucka.” By his look and his pose, you know Vincent is going to try to mess with you. Maybe he’ll cut your freakin’ head off like he did that stuffed pink bunny rabbit you see at his feet. But you know he’ll do it with a smile, ‘cause that’s the kind of guy he is.



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Jack Vessalius is one of those rare Pandora Hearts characters who, at least to this point in the story, doesn’t seem all that complex. Practically everything we know about him makes him seem like the perfect “good guy.” Of course, he is currently nothing more than a collection of soul fragments that were used in a curse to seal his best friend Glen's conscience in a state of sleep, but that's getting ahead of ourselves.

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