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Grelle is one of those love him or hate him sort of characters. I have to say, that if you are reading/watching Kuroshitsuji and you haven’t gotten through the Jack the Ripper story arc yet, much of what I’m about to say will be spoilers.


I’m including Grelle as genderqueer because although he is male, he has said himself in a character guide that he thinks God should have made him a woman. Indeed, he prances about, acts quite girly at times, and wants to have Sebastian’s babies.

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Yoite from Nabari No Ou presents as a male (albeit one who is described as “beautiful” and having long eyelashes), and male pronouns are used throughout the majority of the story. But about halfway through you find out he is “neither male nor female” and this gender confusion may have contributed to his sense of having no place in the world.

 Pic of Yoite

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Kuroyuri from 07-Ghost is of undetermined gender, and Wikipedia, describes hir in genderneutral terms (with invented pronouns like sie and hir), so I will try to do the same. Sie used “boku” as an “I” pronoun in Japanese, which is usually used by boys and tomboys.

Shot of Kuroyuri from 07-Ghost anime


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Not everyone in this world can be neatly categorized into “male” or “female.” I’ll be happy when our culture (I’m in the USA) has evolved enough to include intersex and differently gendered people in all aspects of life. A good start would be non-gender specific bathrooms everywhere, and a choice for “other” in the sex category on the census.


Manga is great for including characters whose gender is unclear or specifically neither male nor female. I’ll be profiling such characters in manga as I come across them.

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