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I love most anime characters, but occasionally, one comes along who I dread to see each time they appear. Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji is such a character for me. He’s a pathetic, spoiled brat, who eventually realizes this about himself, and you start to sympathize with him. But in the manga, he just never freakin’ seems to go away and I say ‘oh no’ every time he’s back. Sorry, Prince Soma, you are pretty to look at but please shut your mouth.

Pic of Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji anime

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Pic of Xerxes BreakTo the degree that it is possible to have a crush on an imaginary character who is drawn, I would nominate Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts as my crush. He’s a trickster figure, wizard, clown, court jester and parasol & cane-wielding girly man all rolled into one. He’s sadomasochistic, cunning, goofy, and wears some seriously stylin’ threads.  You would never guess that his fey exterior would hide such strength and power, or that his obfuscating stupidity would hide a nearly psychic level of intelligence, and that tension puts him high on the scale of smexy.


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Pic of Sebastian MichaelisThis is a tough question, because I have really enjoyed all the anime I’ve watched so far, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. In the end I had to go with Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). Even though it deviates from the manga, it does so in an entertaining way, and becomes its own crazy story with a fairly satisfying ending. 

It’s the show I would recommend to a person just starting out with anime, and best of all, it made me laugh…loudly and often…which is not easy to do as I’m one of those Spock-types.

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Serial Experiments Lain is the first anime I ever watched. It is dark, dreary, challenging and a total mindfuck. Nearly everyone I’ve ever convinced to watch it with me has hated it. The only thing I can even begin to compare it to is the Matrix, but even that is insufficient as a description. All I can suggest is you read the wiki page for help in understanding what it is about.

Pic from Serial Experiments Lain


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Let me start with an admission. I know that the animation in Japanese anime is of poor quality compared to the latest stuff coming out of Hollywood animation studios. I’ve seen how they use the same background and just float the characters over it. I’ve see how lame the characters look when they are walking or running. I can recognize that they are taking shortcuts to save time and effort in the animation process. But:

I .



Now, with that out of the way, let me tell you why I rarely watch live action movies and TV any more, unless they involve lots of humor or martial arts fight scenes.

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