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Few kids have a sadder past than (roughly 14 year old) Teito Klein from 07-Ghost. [spoilers ahoy] His Dad was killed, he was sent into slavery and then the army. His worst enemy killed his best friend. He’s ill prepared to take on the task he was born to do in the world. Teito has a ton of growing up to do, and he’s going to do it under the care of a buff, porn-loving Bishop who is slowly being overtaken by evil.


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We don’t know much about Ouka at this point in the story of 07-Ghost, but in a story that is curiously void of good female characters, Ouka stands out. It’s not just the contrast between her and the bubbly nuns and mermaid in the story, however. She’s got enough strong characteristics to hold her own.


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Kuroyuri from 07-Ghost is of undetermined gender, and Wikipedia, describes hir in genderneutral terms (with invented pronouns like sie and hir), so I will try to do the same. Sie used “boku” as an “I” pronoun in Japanese, which is usually used by boys and tomboys.

Shot of Kuroyuri from 07-Ghost anime


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If you’ve read the first couple of volumes of 07-Ghost, you know that there are these bishops that figure prominently in the story. My personal favorite of the bishops is loli-shota Labrador (aka Iluysha). Now most people might think “sexy loli-shota” is an oxymoron, but I’m here to tell you that a man who fights with flowers is seriously smexy in my book.
Pic of Labrador from 07 Ghost

This image is from episode 16 of the anime, which I highly recommend watching. It doesn’t stray from the manga in a crazy way just to wrap up the season, unlike some anime that will remain unnamed.



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