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15-year old Oz Vessalius is apparently the “key” to obtaining the Will of Abyss and has already contracted with one of the most powerful and feared chains of the Abyss, the dreaded B-Rabbit. If you haven’t read or seen Pandora Hearts, you have no idea what I just said.

 Pic of Oz Vessalius by Jun Mochizuki

Oz is:

-cheerful, optimistic and pretty accepting of everything that happens around him, including being attacked by a doll and then a giant baby head, or being lectured to by a stuffed white rabbit with bleeding eye sockets, or suddenly finding a giant scythe in his hand that materialized out of nowhere.

-able to learn from his experiences and grow; praise Jebus

-is one of the smartest teenaged boys in any series I’ve read (note to self: could be a match for Hermione of Harry Potter fame)

-is noble enough to understand that servants don’t just protect their masters; masters also need to protect their servants


In some ways he’s a typical boy who crushes on any cute girl he meets and loves to tease his servant. In other ways, he’s absolutely extraordinary. It’s the balance of those two things that helps make him one of the more interesting boy heroes in manga.

Pic of Oz Vessalius



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