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15-year old Allen Walker of D. Gray-man charmed me into downloading 103 episodes of anime, most of which I have not watched. I’m currently on book 8 of the series, and am enjoying it for the most part. But I have to say at least a third of my enjoyment is simply due to the presence of this sweet little cursed exorcist with a deformed arm and an eye that can detect the presence of demons.


Pic of Allen Walker

This boy hero:

-is tough as steel in battle, but still has the sensibility to weep at the appropriate moments

-is noble enough to save the ass of that Yuu Kanda jerk who hates him (sorry Kanda fans, I haven’t seen enough of him to know why so many people love him…feel free to fill me in on what I’m missing)

-has a cute little winged sidekick named Timcampy

-is changing and growing with the series (thank goodness)


Like all good heroes, this one appears fated to save the world. I suspect every reader who wishes they themselves could have such a strong impact on the world will be able to appreciate Allen Walker’s collision with destiny as it unfolds.

Pic of Allen Walker


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