Aug. 8th, 2010

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Hanabusa Seki might be a minor character in Nabari No Ou, but she is one of my sentimental favorites. First of all, she’s forty years old (just two years younger than me) and she knits (just like me!


Hanabusa is one of the few characters in the story who has nothing to do with the hidden (nabari) ninja world. She accepts people at face value, and with a sweet smile, tries to get them to do right by each other. Quick with a hug and an offering of food, she’s the closest thing to a mother figure that poor, sad Yoite might ever see.

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Raimei Shimizu is one of the main characters in Nabari No Ou, and hell hath no fury like a 14-year old girl with a samurai sword who knows how to use it. She and her brother Raikou are the only remaining members of their family’s clan of samurai, and we are treated to some stunning sword battles between her and her brother.Read more and see the pics... )


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